Joseph R. Lilore is an arranger, composer and author. He is currently producing a podcast, Songwriting For Everyone, and a series of YouTube videos featuring guitar and songwriting lessons, plus recordings of his compositions.

He has composed pieces for guitar and various ensembles, as well as pieces for violin and classical guitar. The scores and parts for the first six Dialogues are available on If you are interested in performing, teaching or recording any of these compositions and would like a PDF version of the Score or Pieces for review, please Contact Us and we’ll be happy to send them to you.

21st Century Chords Conversion Chart: if you have my book Guitar Chords for the 21st Century, I have created a free supplement download (click to view/download) which maps my custom chord names to conventional chord names, making it easier to comprehend. 

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Guitar Chords for the 21st Century

Joe Lilore, educator and author of 27 music books for Warner Bros. Music and United Artists – including books on The Rolling Stones, R*U*S*H, and Led Zeppelin – has taken his years of experience as an arranger, teacher, and guitarist and developed a system that allows for the creation of completely new and innovative chords and their movement.

This unique chord book contains 1,848 C chords for 22,176 new chords in all. If you’re a guitarist who’s feeling in a rut in your playing or your solos, experiencing songwriter’s block or feeling like all your music “sounds the same as everyone else’s,” this book is for you. Using the new chords you’ll be able to expand your horizons and reach new musical heights, whether you’re a veteran player or aspiring musician.

With Guitar Chords for the 21st Century you’ll play like no one has ever played before, totally free from boundaries, and never at a loss for inspiration, ideas, or material. For less than half the cost of one guitar lesson, you’ll be able to eliminate songwriter’s block and create limitless ideas for songs, background pads, or improvisation. It will provide you with an unlimited palette of colors to apply to your compositions and playing.

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